We have the tendency of living this life one day at a time hoping that we accomplish everything that we put our energy towards. The funny thing is in our distinct efforts of trying to avoid failure we really miss the important things.

A little after a year it was one of the most inspirational events that ever happened to my family. Madison actually did it again showing us what life is all about and how to smile through the iron edges of life. After several room air trials of 2 hours off oxygen and 1 hour on we found out per the Dr. that Madison is in no longer in need of anymore oxygen!

One accomplishment down!! Excitement ran ramped through our home! Not missing that loud machine that muttered and echoed through out our entire home at all hours of the day. No more running and loading the car with her oxygen tanks just to run to the store.  One word will sum all the emotions and feelings up “GRATEFUL”

Whatever your little one is going through you have become strong enough to count, count the little obstacles that you will beat and at the end of your journey.  You will realize that not only has your little one became stronger, you also have changed for the better!! Now grab that Superman Cape or that Wonder Woman Bracelet out your closet and put it back on underneath your garments and smile because you have made another memory to become grateful for.

Madisons Daddy

A Life Worth Smiling For

Sometimes we take our time for granted. We end up a spending majority of our time focusing on things and people that are not essential to our growth! In essence we end up forfeiting our destiny by believing things that don’t even exist. My friends, decide today to live…. Live you life like today is your last. Love like its the only moment that you have left and most of all LAUGH! LAUGHTER IS THE MEDICINE THAT YOUR SOUL NEEDS……

One Of The Roughest Days I Had

20140131-174528.jpg Dear Diary,
Today had to be one of the roughest days I had in a very long time! I believe it was a series of things that were brewing behind the scenes. Isn’t funny how God has the ability to use certain things in your life to make you smile and change your energy? I say that because when I went to grab my phone this picture popped up on it! WOWSERS! It’s true!! It’s true!! Pictures do have energy and it just changed mine just like it changed yours! Be sure to keep pictures of your love ones or your pets in arms length so you can grab them when you need them! See you tomorrow!!😊☺️😍




 So many people go through this thing called life aimlessly by living moment by moment, second by second and day to day, you know just going with the flow.  Instead of that decide what would make you feel like you have accomplished your life’s purpose.  Be sure to write down  your Goals and Dreams with every step that you need to get your life back


This is one way I use to rid myself of those negative thoughts that were hurting my life.  Place a rubber band  or two around your wrist and snap it against your skin anytime a negative thought finds its way into your head. This technique associates a slight pain with negative thoughts.  Sounds a little cruel at first but it only stings for a good second. I also used this  operant conditioning technique to stop eating red meat. The outcome is simply amazing. Remember the goal is to have only positive thoughts and recreate your life.


This is so important if you want to succeed in getting your life back.  There is no possible way for you to live the life you want if you don’t forgive the people that wronged you.  See, when you forgive others you spiritually let a lot of pain in your own life.  So take some time out of your day and call  whoever you need to and tell them that you forgive them!!

These are some tips that I have learned in my own life that I wanted to share with you so you can conquer your life just as I conquered mine.  

Live, Love & Laugh