IMG_9995Learn to swaddle. Remember, a preemie is still “supposed” to be in the womb! Because of this, They will probably like to be held snugly. Be careful not to wrap too tight, though. The nurse’s can help you master the swaddle technique. My daughter spent the first eight months of her life with a onesie, and a swaddling blanket!

“She’s Not A Client, She’s Family”

Bayada Nurse Sonya(left) smiles at Madison at the nurse of the year celebration where she received a award for taking care of Madison for over 365 days with missing a day or running late
Bayada Nurse Sonya (left) plays with Madison (right) at the Nurse of the Year (Hero of the Quarter) celebration breakfast where Sonya received an award for providing exemplary nursing care to Madison for over the last year without missing a day or running late.