Good morning!
So my daughter decided she wanted to come early! I was in the hospital 3 wks prior because I had a tear in my bag and the amniotic fluid was leaking. She came in this world at 2 lbs 4oz at 25 weeks early. She had jaundice respiratory problems. She was not released until the end of July from being born May 19th. I was told she wouldn’t walk without assistance Sahai would be severely delayed developmentally. However I’m here to say she walked on her own and talked at 8mths old which is unheard of for a preemie! She’s doing amazing, a great dancer since age 2 and has been a straight all A’s student since kindergarten and she’s now ending her 10th grade year in high school!! She was deemed the miracle baby since birth and she’s living up to her name!

Warm regards,
Moya, Brooklyn Ny



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