There are many things we can learn and apply to our lives that can learn from the little people, PREEMIES!
One day a friend of mine came by to talk and to clear is head. Apparently there were something’s troubling him and taking a toll on him. Twenty minutes later after playing with Maddie he said ” Wow, it’s amazing how this little girl keeps a smile on her face” I interrupted him and said what do you mean? He continued to say. After all she’s been through she still has the biggest smile I ever seen. I said she’s just happy to be here! After saying that I realized we as adults need to have that same profound attitude when it comes to our life! When we display the notion that we are happy to be here everything in our personal lives will change. Regardless of all the other obstacles and challenges we go through, it can change. I remember Zig Ziglar said “Change Your Attitude Change Your Life”. So today create a different vantage point and look and feel different when it comes to your life!

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