20140131-174528.jpg Dear Diary,
Today had to be one of the roughest days I had in a very long time! I believe it was a series of things that were brewing behind the scenes. Isn’t funny how God has the ability to use certain things in your life to make you smile and change your energy? I say that because when I went to grab my phone this picture popped up on it! WOWSERS! It’s true!! It’s true!! Pictures do have energy and it just changed mine just like it changed yours! Be sure to keep pictures of your love ones or your pets in arms length so you can grab them when you need them! See you tomorrow!!😊☺️😍

2 thoughts on “One Of The Roughest Days I Had

  1. Sorry to hear your having a bad day. Always remember when you get home at night. Wifey and the baby is all you need to make it right.

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