2 thoughts on “Madison At The Doctors

  1. Hello….I am so happy for you and your family…God is awesome and no matter what the doctors say he has the FINAL say…I lost 5 children and was told to never try again but God made me a promise and in 3/2012 my daughter was born…I dont know your pain but I share your struggle…I am glad that you remain faithful and prayerful….there is nothing that God cant do….Madison has a purpose and she is going to be just fine…I pray for you and your family and know that she has changed the hearts of some unbelievers and God is using you guys for a testimony….stay strong and encouraged and just let God lead the way….God bless you and Im glad she is finally home!!!!!! The prayers of the righteous availith much

  2. Your story has been such a inspiration to my family. Your little Angel is such a fighter. She has encouraged me to not give up on anything. Because of Madison incredible fight, im moving forward and taking back control of my life. Thank you Ivan for sharing your blessing with us.

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